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¿Qué le sucede a tu cuerpo cuando estás deprimido? reconocer los signos

Because it can damage your overall well-being. What happens to you physically, when you are mentally exhausted or depressed? Check out some of these signs, which happen to your body when you are depressed.

1. Consistent physical fatigue

Mauriziofava Director of the Clinical Research Program at Boston Massachusetts General Hospital. Shows that someone who is depressed, often breaks by choosing to sleep. However, it does not recover from fatigue and still feels lethargic even after resting.

To cause concentration problems, irritability and apathy. And you become lazy to do activities. It is difficult to distinguish between depression or not. Perhaps, caused by other factors such as physical illness, infection or virus.

One way to find out is that daily fatigue is a sign of depression. And this happens consistently. Another symptom is that you feel sad, hopeless, and lack enthusiasm in daily activities. Avoid depression so as not to experience prolonged fatigue.

2. Recurring chronic tension headaches

Almost everyone has had an occasional headache. And it may not always be due to depression. However, headaches due to depression are not the same as regular headaches. If you have headaches almost every day, this could be the cause of depression.

Recognize the symptoms, as described by the National Headache Foundation as chronic tension headaches. This headache may, as is a mild throbbing sensation especially around the eyebrows. Even if you have taken the drug, it can reappear on a regular basis.

Chronic tension headaches can be a symptom of major depressive disorder. Should not be too stressed let alone to experience depression. Rest assured, all problems must have a solution.

3. You have pain in the stomach

You feel abdominal pain or experience discomfort in the area. And it’s also one of the most easily recognizable signs of depression. However, without you knowing it, when your stomach is cramping. Often assume this is normal, caused by gas or menstrual pain.

In fact, Harvard Medical School researchers state that abdominal discomfort such as cramping, bloating, nausea may be a sign of poor mental health. Because depression can cause an inflamed digestive system with pain.

Doctors and scientists say, the intestine is the second brain of our body. Because a link has been found between gut health and mental well-being. Actually the area on the stomach is filled with good bacteria. However, if it is not balanced, symptoms of anxiety and depression can appear.

4. Problems with the eyes or decreased vision

It is undeniable when we are experiencing a problem or experiencing depression. The world seemed to be collapsing, and it looked very gloomy. One study in 2010 in Germany, explained that mental health problems. This can actually affect the vision in your eyes, you know.

Because if you are depressed you have difficulty seeing, from the color difference between black and white. And the researchers cited contrast perception, which may explain depression making vision appear blurry. So, try to recognize it if you have decreased vision. Health is the best treasure, so avoid feeling sad for a long time.

5. Back pain or muscle aches all over the body

Have you ever experienced back pain or pain in the whole body? It may feel fine at first. But when you sit in the office or at school, your back starts to hurt. Although it is often associated with poor posture or injury.

However, back pain or muscle pain throughout your body. It is a symptom of psychological stress . The results of a 2017 study on 1,013 university students in Canada, have found a direct link between depression and back pain.

Depression can be caused by several factors, such as genetics, exposure to stress, or childhood trauma. Requires professional help such as psychotherapy and medication to fully recover.

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